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TOAMIT Virus Shut Out Air portable sterilization shield

Brand: Toamit
  • Product Code: V0015
  • Availability: In Stock

Effectively blocks viruses, fine suspended particles, pollen, dust, etc.

Viruses and germs are raging. In addition to wearing a mask and washing your hands frequently, pay attention to personal hygiene. If you want to strengthen protection, you can also wear this Japanese Virus Shut Out air sterilization protection card

Use of sodium chlorite, the main component of environmental disinfection water, has strong ability to inhibit viruses and bacteria in water

Experimentally proven to effectively block airborne particles and bacteria, as well as various epidemic viruses

Sodium chlorite has strong oxidizing power and achieves antibacterial or antibacterial effect in a short time

Antibacterial effect is not affected by water pH

Helps eliminate planktonic bacteria, influenza and other viruses, reducing the chance of being infected or infecting others

Suitable for all people, especially suitable for sick patients / people with low immunity / BB children / children / pregnant women / elderly people / long-term access to hospitals and clinics with more bacteria

Can remove planktonic odors, like smoke and sweat

Please use immediately after opening to ensure high quality, effective use for about 1 month

Take out the "Virus Shut Out" body, attach it to the attached neckband, and then drop it from the neck or directly onto the chest pocket

Unopened 12 months shelf life

Size: about 72mm x 48mm x 3mm

Country of origin: Japan

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