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GREEN POWER Hanging Neck / Car Dual-Use Air Clear

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Japan JAIRA Level 5 Ion Certification

Protect yourself in the air 24 hours a day

Protect anytime, anywhere, and effectively purify the air within 1 meter!

Avoid pollen, dust and viruses


Continuously produce 1 million negative ions per second

Removal of carcinogenic suspended particulates PM2.5. Removal rate of 99.9%

Removes deadly pollution toxicants, and the removal rate of formaldehyde reaches 94.6%

Effective relief of respiratory diseases

Effectively inhibit bacteria and eliminate viruses

Reduce the induction of chronic diseases through respiratory infections: nasal sensitivity, asthma, hay fever

Killing airborne bacteria and viruses: influenza

Block heavy metals and other pollutants from entering the body through the nose and throat: lung cancer, nasal cancer, chronic pharyngitis

Reduces skin sensitization caused by air pollution or fine dust: sensitivity, eczema, dermatitis

Physical conditions affected by the environment: insomnia, headache, nausea, sore throat, cough

Environmentally-affected mood swings: mania, depression, lack of attention, ADHD

Small size, only 55g, can be carried around or fixed in the car

USB charging

Simple operation

Health products that create fresh air anytime, anywhere

Can purify indoor and outdoor air

The first charge is about 3 hours, and it can be used continuously for about 24 hours after being fully charged. The middle light is green to indicate that the machine is operating.


Neck strap, car adapter, USB charging cable, instruction manual (Japanese)


1 year warranty after purchase (Japanese original warranty)

Personal damage is not covered by the warranty.

Malfunctions caused by water in the main unit are not covered by the warranty.

Country of origin: Japan

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