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JTexpress delivery terms

Waybill Terms and Conditions


When you use JTexpress service, as the "Sender", on behalf of you and the recipient of the shipment (the "Recipient") and other persons holding the rights and interests of the shipment, you agree that these terms and conditions Be applicable.


"JTexpress", "we" or "JTHK Group Ltd." or its affiliates, branches, agents or independent contractors that receive the shipment.

"Express Mail" means all packages in a single waybill that JTexpress agrees to receive.

"Personal data" means any information that can be directly or indirectly related to an individual, the identity of the person concerned, and the form in which the information exists, which can be practicably checked and processed by the person.

"Terms and Conditions" means these terms and conditions, which JTexpress may change at any time without notice. To avoid controversy, any changes will be effective and binding immediately upon posting on the official JTexpress website.

"Consignment note" includes any shipment identification code or document produced by JTexpress or the sender's automated system, such as a label, bar code or waybill and any electronic version thereof.

2. Unacceptable shipments

The sender agrees that his shipment will be considered unacceptable if:

Hazardous, dangerous, prohibited or restricted items specified by the International Air Cargo Association, ICAO and other relevant government departments or organizations;

Failure to go through customs formalities in accordance with relevant customs regulations;

Express shipments are classified as dangerous goods, or express shipments JTexpress believes cannot be safely or legally carried, including but not limited to animals and parts thereof, currency, bearer notes, negotiable instruments, counterfeit goods, precious metals and precious stones, firearm And its components, ammunition, human stumps, pornography, illegal drugs / drugs; or

The address of the recipient is incorrect, incomplete or incorrectly marked, or the package is incomplete or inadequate to ensure that the shipment can be safely delivered under normal and reasonable circumstances. JTexpress has the absolute right to deal with such methods as it deems appropriate, including, but not limited to, destroying any shipments that are deemed unacceptable under this section.

3. Inspection right

The sender agrees that JTexpress or any government department has the right to open the box for inspection without prior notice. JTexpress will not be responsible for any loss caused by any delay caused by the above inspections.

4. Warranty and indemnity of the sender

If the sender violates the relevant laws and regulations or violates the following guarantees and representations, the sender shall indemnify and ensure that JTexpress is protected from the relevant loss or damage:

All information provided by the sender or his agent is clear, readable, complete and accurate;

Express shipments are packaged securely and adequately to ensure safe transportation under normal and reasonable circumstances, and are protected from unauthorised interference during preparation, storage and shipment to JTexpress;

Complete identification and accurate description of all shipments;

Express shipments comply with the customs, export, import, data protection laws and other laws and regulations of the import / export country / region;

The sender has obtained all required approvals to provide and disclose the personal data of the recipient to JTHK; and

The waybill is ordered online by the sender or his authorized representative, that is, these terms and conditions constitute a binding and enforceable obligation on the sender and his representative.

5. Declared value

The sender agrees that the declared value on the waybill is equal to the actual cash value of the shipment (the "Declared Value"). The declared value of the shipment should be based on a true and valid original commercial invoice or receipt. JTexpress has the sole and absolute discretion to decide to accept, inspect and verify the declared value, or reject it without giving reasons. JTexpress is liable for compensation in accordance with Article 13 of these Terms and Conditions.


6. Transportation and routes

The sender confirms and agrees to all routes and diversions, including the possibility that the shipment will be transported via a halfway station.

7. Customs clearance

The sender entrusted JTexpress as its sole agent for customs clearance and delivery of the shipment through customs. JTexpress may complete or entrust a third party by itself or on behalf of a third party or forward the shipment to the customs agent or other address of the recipient at the request of JTexpress reasonably deemed to be an authorized person.

JTexpress will assist the sender in customs clearance and other formalities. Such assistance will be at the sender's own risk and expense. If the customs authority requires additional documents to confirm the reason for the export / import declaration, the sender is responsible for providing the required documents and bears the costs themselves.


8. Express shipment delay

JTexpress will deliver the shipment at a reasonable time in accordance with its normal shipping standards, but these standards are not binding and do not form part of the contract between JTexpress and the sender. JTexpress is not responsible for any loss or damage caused by delays in transportation.

9. Delivery and undeliverable

The shipment will be delivered to the recipient address provided by the sender, but need not be delivered to the recipient with the specified name. For the avoidance of doubt, the signature or seal obtained at the delivery address constitutes sufficient proof that the shipment has been delivered.

JTexpress will use reasonable efforts to return the shipment to the sender in one of the following circumstances, so the additional costs incurred shall be paid by the sender: the recipient refuses to receive the shipment or pays freight or customs duties; according to Article 2, the shipment is then Considered unacceptable; customs considered that the value of the goods was understated; the recipient could not be reasonably identified or found. If the shipment cannot be returned, JTexpress can waive, dispose of or sell the shipment, and does not need to bear any responsibility to the sender or others for the above behavior. The income will be returned to the sender after deducting service fees and related management costs (such Have).


10. Freight, customs and other costs

JTexpress's freight will be calculated based on the higher of the actual weight or volume weight of the cargo. JTexpress can re-weigh and measure any shipment to confirm the calculation result.

Even if the sender gives different payment instructions, the sender is always responsible for all costs. In the event that the recipient or a third party pays, the sender shall pay JTexpress all shipping, customs, and other fees that the recipient or third party shall pay but have not paid.

11. Force majeure

JTexpress will not be responsible for any loss or damage caused by circumstances beyond JTexpress's control, including but not limited to: administrative authorities acting with actual or apparent authority, any person not hired or contracted by JTexpress, including sender, recipient , Acts or omissions of customs, government agencies or third parties, security regulations imposed by government agencies or other security regulations applicable to the place of delivery, force majeure-for example: riots, strikes, labor disputes, civil disturbances, communications and information systems Failure or interruption (including but not limited to JTexpress's communication and information systems), any interference in aviation or road traffic networks, such as due to astronomical phenomena, natural disasters, including earthquakes, cyclones, storms, floods, etc.

12. JTexpress's responsibility

JTexpress's liability for any shipment, including but not limited to loss or damage, is limited to actual direct loss and does not exceed the limit specified in Article 13 of these Terms and Conditions. JTexpress is not responsible for any other losses or damages (including but not limited to profits, income, interest and future business losses), regardless of whether these other losses and damages are special or indirect, whether or not JTexpress knew before or after the shipment was processed. Risk of these losses or damages.

JTexpress is responsible for any shipment based on the following rules:

If the carriage of the express shipment includes air transport and the country of final destination or stopover is a non-departure country, the Warsaw Convention or the Montreal Convention shall apply without prejudice to Articles 8 and 11 of these Terms and Conditions. (Subject to mandatory application). In the event that the Convention does not apply, JTexpress's liability will in no case exceed the declared value of the goods and must not exceed the lower of the following: US$ 100, or US$ 26.00 / kg or US$ 11.82 / lb. If the express shipment includes air, land or other means of transport, unless otherwise proved, any loss or damage will be presumed to have occurred during the air transport phase.

For express shipments by land, JTexpress's liability will be implemented in accordance with the International Road Cargo Convention, or if the International Road Cargo Convention is not applicable, JTexpress's liability will not exceed the declared value of the goods under any circumstances, and shall not exceed The lower of: $ 100, or $ 14.00 / kg, or $ 6.36 / lb (not available in the United States).

A claim can only be filed once per shipment, and compensation for all losses or damages associated with that shipment is complete and final. If the sender believes that the compensation provisions of these terms and conditions will not be sufficient to compensate for his loss, he should insure himself.

Except in conflict with applicable applicable laws, any claim must be made in writing to JTexpress within thirty (30) days of JTexpress's acceptance of the shipment, or JTexpress will no longer be liable. JTexpress is not obligated to accept any claim if all shipping costs have not been paid. The claim amount cannot be used to offset such transportation costs. The recipient did not indicate any damage on the courier record when signing for the shipment, then it appears that the shipment was delivered intact. As a condition for JTexpressto consider any claim for loss or damage, the recipient must provide the original shipment and packing materials for inspection.

All assessments of the extent of damage or loss of shipments should be made entirely at JTexpress's sole discretion.

13. Regulatory law

Except where it conflicts with applicable law, any disputes related to these terms and conditions will be subject to the non-exclusive jurisdiction of the national court of the place where the shipment was originally sent and will apply to the law of the country where the shipment originally originated.


14. Privacy Policy

JTexpress is committed to properly protecting the personal data provided by the sender and ensuring that the collection, use, processing, retention, disclosure, transmission, security and access to personal data comply with applicable laws and regulations and related practices issued by JTexpress Provisions of the Code. The sender hereby warrants that all personal data provided by him is legally obtained and provided to JTexpress with the permission of the recipient. For details, please refer to the "Privacy Ordinance" published on JTexpress's official website (for senders / receivers outside the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region, please refer to the privacy policy of that country).


15. Severability

The invalidity or unenforceability of any part of these terms and conditions does not affect the validity and implementation of other terms.


16. Governing language

If there are differences between the different language versions of this waybill (including these terms and conditions), the English version shall prevail.